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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vijay Mallya Website Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army

Official website of Vijay Mallya http://mallyainparliament.in/ was hacked by a Pakistan based group called Pak Cyber Army .The hackers have left three Pakistan flags on the website - www.mallyaparliament.in Mallya's office has now reported the matter to the Karnataka Police. The site has now been restored to normal . Here are the snaps of the site when hacked . And a video about Times Now report on Malllya site Defacing .

The defaced site says "Feel the Pakistan- with danger signs and adds that 'we are sleeping, not dead'.

"This is a payback from Pak Cyber Army in return to the defacements of Pakistani sites! You are playing with fire! This is not a game kids. We are warning you one last time, don't think that you are secure in this Cyber Space We will turn your Cyber Space into Hell," the site says.

"And make sure that you have someone to Cry Over because we gona literally throw you in the deep sea, Will revenge! If any pakistani site Hacked by Indian's!" the damaged site adds.

A cyber expert says that ahead of Independence celebrations, cyber attacks on the websites of both India and Pakistan are usually noticed.

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